Disintegrated Parts


Since the moment I started learning to code I have worked on quite a lot of different projects. Some I do remember better than others. The first moments my dad showed me how to do calculations is a thing I remember, though I didn’t understand any of it back then. There are some websites I remember playing around with, but nothing specific.

Now that I’m working on Skyhop I’m not really working on anything else anymore, though back in the days I have built some small projects which I vividly remember for some odd reasons. I found the source code of some of them, and though pretty much useless nowadays, I’m happy to share!

A Tux A Day

This, I think is one of my earliest projects which caught on. It’s been really simple, but the concept was to feature another tux variant every day. I was still in high school when I built this, and among our friend group we were wondering what tux would be featured the next day. Later on I also built a Windows Phone app for this, though I would have to dive into some old backups to recover the source code for that.

It’s one of the few projects I have ever written in PHP, given I have only spent a brief time exploring PHP at the beginning of my developer journey.

Now thinking about this, I think the concept is still great, and maybe I should create a new variant one day.

Check out the source code here: https://github.com/corstian/a-tux-a-day.

Classic Racer

This one is the first game I have ever written. It’s been built using the XNA Game Platform for Windows Phone. The best thing about it is that I threw it together in a single saturday, of which the spaghetti code is a testament.

The best review I have gotten for this game was “funny, when you’re drunk”. Given alcohol is a depressant I’m honoured.

Anyhow, this was a race game based on those old retro pixel based race games where you have to move between lanes and dodge cars with increasing speed. Although I knew it all along, a friend of mine discovered at one point you could never ever get past speed level 23 because it started spawning cars all over the place. Sorry not sorry. (Until this day I don’t know what exactly cause that behaviour.)

It’s been around the same time that I developed some other tools for Windows Phone such as a random number generator, an unit converter, and a random color generator.

By the way, find the source of this game here: https://github.com/corstian/classic-race.


This is another Windows Phone project I built back then, which was an unofficial Windows Phone proof of concept for an already existing audio book app. I have written an article about it in the past which you can find here. I still think it looked pretty cool. Sadly I never got official permission to publish it, though I was close. Nevertheless I managed to grab the encryption keys from one of the other apps, and use it to decrypt the audio files; a method which does not work anymore.

Source for that project can be found here: https://github.com/corstian/luisterbieb.

Shake it like your fleshlight

Last but not least is a small app which I built as a way of complying to a school assignment I didn’t really feel like doing. The goal was to build an app with which you could control a Philips Hue lamp, though it didn’t matter what UI you built; “as long as it’s intuitive”. I got some inspiration from the random color generator I built previously, and added the shaking motion which led me to the unique suggestion shown in the UI which is “Shake it like your fleshlight”.

Technically that app complied to all requirements we had gotten.

Find it here: https://github.com/corstian/shake-it-like-your-fleshlight.

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