Disintegrated Parts


Words fail to describe the interpersonal damage done by my parents. I could analyse the wreckage of each individual relationship, though they all would be a testament of the same thing; the ruthless, vindictive and cruel way these were destroyed.

The social machine that trapped me just wouldn’t let me have any meaningful social interaction. The only thing it was incentivized to do was to destroy any independent relationship. It would lose its power if it were unable to do so, with power also being the sole justification to its existence.

Isolation was an integral part to the way this social machine was meant to function, and its goal was to create a dependency. For social interaction to become dependent on the same person destroying the most meaningful of those. Unsurprisingly the only meaningful relationships which could flourish were those skilfully isolated from this all-devouring machine.

There is no point I am making here. Not yet.

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