Disintegrated Parts

“But everyone is a villain in someones story”

  • Someone evil, responding to being accused of something evil.

And even while that might be true, there is a difference between ourselves. Where you are competing for the main role I am mostly just a supporting actor.

There is yet another important distinction; where I had mostly been unaware about my wrongdoing, and only realized so through reflection and introspection, you were aware all the time, hypocritically denying any allegations when confronted.

I know hypocrisy sounds like a compliment, but it really is not. I know you think only losers impose an ethical framework upon themselves, and it is the superpower of the hypocritical not to be bound by such nonsense. Hypocrisy is the superpower for those seeking to selfishly enrich, while it is the poison leading them astray.

“There is no coherence” they might think, but I can see otherwise. “I am strong” they might think, but I see their weaknesses. “I am confident” they loudly proclaim, but within I see a shivering child longing for their parents. And as they live their lives they make a run for the money, and in the process multiply their pain a thousandfold.

For I am a villain in someones story, but I am hurt, and I am sorry. For they are perfect, strong, and I am not worthy.

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