Disintegrated Parts

As a general rule of thumb I do think it is a good practice to try and stay away from value judgements about others. They can be wholly inaccurate, and there might be more context to a certain situation than we will ever know about. It leads myself to give people the benefit of the doubt too often, and way too long, but at least I consider this better than the alternative.

As an exception to this rule there is interpersonal interaction. This doesn’t only involve the way they themselves behave, but also the impact they have on others. It is fine if you’re having a bad day, it’s fine if that impacts your mood a bit, but do not improportionally take it out on others, for I will judge you for it.

This is especially the case when we’re looking at relationships where there’s a power imbalance. Bosses to their workers. Parents to their kids. People to animals. The greater the power imbalance between the anguished and the subject, the harsher the judgement.

And not only am I judgemental when it comes to this, but it pains me to see the blind rage going on. Whether it is a small rage or a big rage. The unfiltered rage that finds its way towards a subject, the externalization of whatever it is they are dealing with. No, whatever it is they do not want to deal with themselves. Whatever it is they think another has to deal with.

What great power must they themselves think they are that they are too good to deal with these emotions? What inferior beings must others be in their eyes that they are worthy to deal with this rage, instead? What weakness it is that they cannot control these emotions.

For the undirected rage is a destructive power, one doing far more damage than can be repaired. It is great power which assumes it’s responsible use. And while there is a place for anger, most anger in this world is not directed towards those whom deserve it. It is anger which is a power that is given, regardless of whether one can control it or not.

Whether or not we are able to yield this power responsibly had never been asked from us. And all the same this doesn’t absolve us from our responsibility towards others. Not at all. Not even the slightest.

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